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Author Topic: The rules for the Modern RPS  (Read 3154 times)
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« on: March 01, 2005, 08:48:29 AM »

Here's the FAQ. More will be added later. If you have any questions that aren't covered here, don't hesitate to ask.


What is MRPS?

MRPS is just the same as your regular RPS, but set in a different time, around eight to fifteen hundred years after the events of the QFG games. So technology and magic have advanced. Humans are still slinging spells, non-humans are still interacting quite nicely with the rest of us and most dangerous monsters have been hunted into the endangered lists (the politics around this are still a little ?iffie? and will vary wildly from nation to nation.

The technology is sort of on a par with RL. Guns are widely available (or not depending on the level of gun control in the nation you're in), computers connect people across the world in a way magic never could and alternative transports to the ever reliable Saurus have been developed and accepted by society at large.

Elements from other fantasy games can be incorporated depending on how comfortable the Dungeon Masters get with this idea. The tricky part is going to be figuring out the areas where magic has taken the place of technology to our RL way of thinking (like fast domestic travel, would you use planes or would magical institutions be developed specifically for transporting individual passengers all around the country?)

Can I create a character that uses spells/abilities from another fantasy world instead of Quest for Glory?

Ask Jafar or Jigen first, via p.m.

Are there any restrictions as to what character I can play as?

I invoke Swift's God-Moder's rules. Aside from that: LB's playing a bloody hippy for God's sake, go for your life.

Can I play as Gandalf/Frodo/Legolas/Merlin/Conan/any famous fantasy character?

Unlike Swift, I choose to say a big NO to this one and not just because of the change in time setting. Be original people, play a character, not an archetype please.

Can I post my character details?

Yes please, the topic is in the RPS section of the Hero6 forums

Can I multiclass?

We call it cross-training where I come from, but basically yeah. Just don't go overboard, play a character not a stat sheet.

Are there any guidelines that I must follow?

Lots and they're listed somewhere below, but the rules of thumb are:

1) Don't be a dickhead (God-Moders take note).
2) Play nice with the others
3) Have fun.

What is God-moding and why isn't it allowed?

God-moding is where a player role-plays as an extremely powerful character. He/she is probably the Chosen One who's invulnerable to many kinds of attacks, and probably has really powerful spells that can wipe out armies in an instant. See where I'm going with this? God-mode characters aren't fun to play with as it kills the challenge. It's ok to play as a flawed or perhaps even a weak character. The fun lies in overcoming your character's limitations in order to solve a problem in the story.

Having said that, don't be afraid to make your character powerful, everyone's got to be good at something.

Can I control more than one character?

Swift lets you do that, but I don't like it. If you're willing to control only one character per RPS session, then sure, go for it but otherwise, no.
Can I play as a villain?

Yes, but keep rule of thumb No. 1 in mind when you do.
What is plot hogging?

Plot hogging is where one person dominates the story, and disregards suggestions or actions performed by other players. In plot hogging, the plot hogger's characters are either the main heroes, or overpowered villains who cannot be harmed by anyone else but the plot hogger's main heroes.

Plot hogging will not be tolerated.  *Correction* Plot hoggers will be drug out into the street and shot!
Will the stories be carried forward to the following week, or is it a new story every week?

Just as with your regular RPS we will be running a continuous story throughout all of the eight weeks we get to do this.

How long are the sessions expected to last?

About two hours (So turn up on time, I have other stuff to do damn it!)

Are the stories going to be epic tales, or just simple ones?

Probably epic, everyone steers towards epic after a while. But if you would like a smaller story, contact Jigen or Jafar with your ideas and we'll have a looksee.

How is combat handled?

This is partially what the Modern RPS is supposed to discover, how throwing guns into the mix with spells and hand-to-hand changes the rules. Try to remember to get into cover as even the heaviest body armor these days can usually be punctured by most military issue ammunition.

Note: Swift asks you to please not dodge every single attack aimed at you. My rule is: Don't even think about dodging bullets, I'll give you one, maybe two near misses if you can argue them well.

Can I start my own story for the MRPS?

I don't know what the status on that is yet, but if you have ideas for quests by all means share them.


Break any of these rules and you will be banned.

1. No flaming. Even if you have to role-play an argument with a fellow player, do not go overboard and be offensive, insulting or rude.

2. Do not control another player's character unless he/she gives you consent to do so. This includes writing his/her character's history.

3. Do not commit heinous crimes against other players, such as murder and rape. This is a family forum. That and we don't like sick bitches here.

4. No plot hogging. (The frequency that this is mentioned will indicate to the more observant of you that we don't like it when you do this and will get stabby if necessary to stop you).

The rules might get updated from time to time, so it's best to check this post frequently for any changes.
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« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2005, 07:16:08 AM »

Jigen, thanks for writing that up! Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2010, 08:52:19 PM »

Would I be able to play as a dragon?
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« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2011, 03:14:09 PM »

That would depend entirely on the type of dragon you intend to play. One of the useless-little-dragons-that-hide-under-rocks-and-hiss-like-teakettles from The Sword in the Stone? You could probably get away with it. Shadowrun dragon? Not a chance. The ideal would be something on the relatively lower end of in-between.

of course, this is also assuming that you can find enough players to revive something that's the better part of six years dead.

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