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Author Topic: Current Progress?  (Read 2752 times)
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« on: December 11, 2007, 11:43:14 PM »

Where does Hero6 Stand at this time? Who are the leads?
Has anyone approached Vivendi to make a deal?
What is the completion date?

Just some questions I am sure a thousand other QFG fans would like to know!!
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« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2007, 05:06:20 PM »

Hi warfalcon2, it is good to see you post here

Where does Hero6 Stand at this time? Who are the leads?
Hero6 has turned into a game being developed by a small group, and it seems to be chugging along.  The team is completing "chapter 2" now; I don't know what that means exactly

Has anyone approached Vivendi to make a deal?
We're not really a QFG game, and have nothing to do with Vivendi/Sierra/QFG.  We're just using QFG as inspiration.

What it the completion date?
April 4th, 2008, 16:03pm -- give or take a few hours, months or years. Wink


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« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2008, 11:32:07 AM »

Yes Norse village idea good. Don't make it 3d though. unless it's 3d but the same 2d gameplay. No view changes or zooming out stuff.  Lot's of Paladin and fighter quests. New spells? Summoning a companion like a little dragon or a fairy. Maybe some kind of teleport spell that lets you go past unclimbable walls or thick thorn bushes. But a strong paladin or fighter can just chop his way through. They'd need alot of strength though. I guess the theif could have a new dynamite skill for setting traps for monsters or blowing up walls and thorn bushes. OOO...oooo!! Maybe a thief skill that you can poison peoples food or drug them to give you information! Paladins would have to have a new skill against undead specifically. Like undead are scared of the paladin. Fighters would just get new shiny armors and weapons.

 If there's gonna be a new one with multiplayer. It should just be for chat and guild purposes maybe throw in a card game where people can sit and talk. Like let's say I'm the hero running around in the same room for an hour trying to figure out a puzzle, and some guy just comes up to me and gives me the puzzle piece and ruins it for me. It'd be better if he just stood there. Chatting like: "So...Haven't figured it out huh? I remember this quest it sucked. Want me to tell you what to do? No? You sure? I've been watching you run around this room for an hour now. pretty funny actually. Well when you figure it out I'll be at the guild hall if you wanna hang out."
Then I'm so happy when I get back from that quest and all I got was some brass key and saw something scratched on a wall that only a thief can read. I burst into the guild like "Yeeeaaahh! Time to celebrate! Barkeep! Get everyone a mug of troll's sweat on me!"
Then at the end of the night I realize I only got 2 silver left so I got to go kill goblins for an hour to make my money back.

 The 1 player game aspect has to be there. No rushing or cheap tricks of any kind. If people want to duel they go to some arena. Armor weapons and stats shouldn't play a big role in dueling either. like a person with maxed stats and all the best gear can't go around owning the game, Like he can't just stand there a be invincible, 2 or 3 absolutely new characters should be able to defeat him easily. The amount of people in a game should be limited. Like 4-12max This is QFG not WoW. I was thinking it should be teamwork quests. Like 1 fighter can't move the rock that blocks the cave but 2 fighters can or 2 magic users can use force bolt at the same time.

The game also has to have silly puns that deserve a slap in the face to whoever wrote them just like the older QFG games.(excluding QFG5 that game...I dunno man.)

anyways goodluck to the designers cause thats one tough cookie.

One other thing. If this game comes out and I hear some ask If someone can Tank for their party. Count me out. Tongue
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« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2008, 05:51:25 AM »

Hey, just making sure stuff is still happening here. I know it kind of sucks that the forum has been emptied out, but I'm sure that people will come back when you guys declare the final release date.

Did you guys get the message from the new person who wanted to help program the game?

The Paladin: To seek, To learn, To do.
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If I ever feel too down or over-inflated, all I have to do is remember one of two things: to the right of me, in some dimension, I am a king; to the left of me, in another dimension, I am a hanged man.
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