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1  The Hero6 Project / Media / Hero6_Babe Lines Contest Winners! on: June 05, 2005, 04:06:18 AM
Great quotes everyone.  And the winners are.... *drumroll* ...

1st Place:  Paladin0707077

2nd Place: Jafar

3rd Place: Silverbolt

Honorable Mentions: Swift, Corsair5, Ignus_Draconus

My personal favorites were:

1.  Adventuring is awesome! Slaying monsters, collecting treasures, being famous, what's not to like? - Swift

2. Look behind you! A Three Headed Monkey! - Jafar

3. Watching the RPS is fun, but the theatre is always out of Razzle Dazzle Root Beer...  - Jafar

4. A guy I used to know used to hit on me all the time. He lived with his mom and he was 36! I think his name was Larry. What a complete loser! - Silverbolt

5. Damsels in distress? Please! Cheap way of getting a date, if you ask me. - Silverbolt

6. That Avoozl-babbling freak over needs to have his mouth taped shut. - Corsair5

7. I skimmed over a billion rocks for THIS?! - Paladin0707077

8. If Avoozle were to duke it out with the Dragon of Doom, would you eat popcorn or cotton candy while watching? - Paladin0707077

9. Hero wanted: Pay's Lousy, the Food Sucks, Constant Danger, But Hey...You look Good in the Cape... - Paladin0707077

10.  Wizard's Motto: If someone challenges you on a point, remember two things. First, They may actually be correct, and second, they must be punished for their arrogance!  - Paladin0707077

11. as a matter of fact, I do run the whole chatroom - Ignus_Draconus

12.  What do you mean "wanna cyber?"? What? EWWWW!!! I guess SOMEONE isn't going to make paladin...  - Silverbolt

13. Oooooh! I've always dreamed of a handsome knight that I could fall in love with. Let me know when you see one!  - Silverbolt

14.  Magic is just an energy field that Science has yet to detect or categorize. - Paladin0707077

15.  *pulls out a map* Do you see this tiny island here? That's where the people who care live. - Paladin0707077

16.  I like you. I really do. When I finally conquer the world, your death will be swift and painless - Paladin0707077

17.  The next statement is true. The previous statement is false. - Paladin0707077

18.  Go, Hero 6 Team, Go! - Paladin0707077

19.  Sorry, guys, the release of Hero 6 has been moved back a few years...*snicker* - Paladin0707077

20.  Sideffects may include drymouth, nausea, water retention, painful rectalage, halluncinations, psychosis, death, and halitosis. Magic is not for everyone. Consult your doctor before use.* - Corsair5

21. Did you hear about the undead construction worker? He built the Vampire State Building! - Jafar

22. This bunch of vampires keep bothering me when I get off work. I think they need to get a life - Ignus_Draconus

23.  sometimes I think the world would be a better place if someone would just nuke the dang thing - Ignus_Draconus

24.  Keep Dreaming. I only date *real* adventurers. - Silverbolt

25.  Sorry, your browser has caused an Error 52 and will now close. Sorry for the econvenience. - Paladin0707077

26.  HAHAHAHAhahahaha ha ha ha...Oh, guess no one else thought it was funny... - Paladin0707077

27.  I appeared in Hero Magazine issue #54. Open the centerfold... - Silverbolt

28.  Oh don't worry, that Saurus won't bite: he's from Shapier! - Paladin0707077

I am programming these into Hero6_Babe right now.  For now (as my time is currently limited – i'm getting married in a week!! Shocked)  ) I will have a quote randomly selected when you type “Hero6_Babe” into the channel.  When I get more time over the next few weeks I will program them into normal conversation a bit.  At that point ops would be able to mute her during rps sessions etc.  Happy Anniversary Hero6!  Thanks for the great quotes.

2  The Hero6 Project / Hero6 Discussion / THE HERO6 CHATROOM (instructions) on: March 23, 2005, 11:28:50 PM
There is really no reason Te`ja's chat script would prevent you from connecting, because it is basically a modified version of the one everywhere chat uses.  However you can also try my java applet to connect here:

3  The Hero6 Project / Hero6 Discussion / THE HERO6 CHATROOM (instructions) on: March 23, 2005, 02:58:47 AM
You can of course connect to the new web based chat script that Te`ja created here:  http://teja.qfg3d.com/h6chat/

Or if you have problems connecting to that, try my java applet:


If you're not using internet explorer, or Netscape navigator (or another browser) to browse the web, all you have to do to get to the chat-room is load up your IRC client software (like MIRC) and go to the Server:

irc.enterthegame.com  and join channel #hero6

More detailed way to get on using MIRC:

mirc is the program that i use to get on IRC it is free and easy to use, you can download it at http://www.mirc.com. It is easy to install, just click on the EXE, select were you want it to go and install.

When you start mIRC a screen comes up that says you have to pay after 30 days or something like that, don't worry though you don't have to pay anything just click the x button in that box. You will then see a box that says "mIRC options". In this box you set all your preferences but not much is necesary so i'll just tell you what you have to do. Look to the left of the box and you'll see a colum labeled "Catagory". Go to the "Connect" option and fill out your name, Email and nickame (they don't have to be real). Then go to "Identd" option under the Connect heading. Fill in any name you want for your "User Id". Next click on the "Connect" catagory itself and look to the right. Where it says "IRC Servers" there should be 2 white boxes with downward pointing arrows to the right of them, click on the lower box and scroll down untill you see "Random Enterthegame Server" click on this then click "connect to IRC server" . The last step is to then wait for a box that says "mIRC Channels folder" to come up, in the top white box of that type #hero6 then click join.

3) Chat -  You're in so chat with us!

(mirc instructions written by will729)
4  The Hero6 Project / Offtopic Mayhem / Chatroom! on: February 13, 2005, 05:11:26 PM
new chat makes me sad, old chat for life!
Don't worry bud, we are working on merging the new chat with the old.  Te`ja is doing amazing work to make this happen.
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