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Title: Time to put an end
Post by: aragorn256 on August 15, 2011, 12:11:35 PM
 I come to this forum once per month in the vain hope that progress could be restarted. Alas, it's deader than dead. These forums were once busy with life, posts and a very interesting community. Now nothing remains of its greatness

 In honor of this great site, if any administrator or owner is listening, please put an end to this site. It is a hive of scamming these days, quite unworthy of its own life. Close it down and if there are successors let them come to life from the ashes.

 Anyway, despite all this, I won't be coming back again ever. This is a truly sad ending to a once great party. A hope for a new QfG, now gone cold.

 To all the once-upon a time Developers, Be well! And thank you for those few bright years of hope. Maybe one day a true sequel will arise.

 -A true fan-